Thursday, May 27, 2010

Postpartum [Pregnancy];;

so hubs and i just got finished up with dinner. we had steaks, baked potato and mac & cheese (yum). i could barely eat any of the mac & cheese i was so stuffed but it was def. a good meal. we saw a rainbow outside of our house that was just beautiful! i can't remember the last time i saw a rainbow...and it hasn't even rained yet ( atleast i never saw it while i was out today )

...tomorrow mikayla will be 13 weeks old. as far as everything goes for my recovery from having her...i have lost almost 33 lbs and im down to the last 7 lbs -- until i am back to pre pregnancy weight. i have been so tired lately and just not wanting to do anything but sleep. mikayla doesn't keep me up all night or anything i have just been tired for some reason... so a goal for myself is to start eating and drinking more healthy (water instead of pop -- water instead of starbucks.. etc) & taking more walks...then hopefully i'll have more energy!

Days Are Limited;;

last night hubs, mikayla and i had dinner on the beach. mikayla of course had her " ba ba" while corey and myself had taco bell. it was the perfect weather for last night...not too much wind, beautiful sunset, warm water and nice crisp beach couldn't have been better. mikayla put her feet in the water and sand again yesterday, for the 2nd time. she is def her mothers daughter a complete beach bum & of course now she gets to sport around only the coolest birth certificate ( florida).. well i don't know how cool it will be after this oil spill stuff. the last time i checked the forecast yesterday it was 55miles southwest of pensacola.. so not too far away from where we are in destin/fort walton beach.. who knows if it will ever come ashore here. according to what i have read they have been doing a lot of training volunteers and adding extra percausions so it doesn't ruin our beautiful beaches, but we all know how that goes. the oil spill already being bigger than the exxon valdez, who is to really know what will come of it. hurricane season starts in a matter of days here.. this will be our first time dealing with hurricane type of weather & of course corey keeps insisting we get a generator incase we lose power.

...we find out soon where we are moving to. we put in for our main pref as fort
bragg, nc - fort campbell, ky - fort carson, co // so hopefully we will get one of our choices. coreys grad date is set for aug 20th as of now so not long after that we will be moving to our new & hopefully perm. home. if everything works out the way we want it we plan on buying a house at our next duty station. so the stress of packing, moving, & finding a house will arise as soon as we get on assignment.