Thursday, May 27, 2010

Postpartum [Pregnancy];;

so hubs and i just got finished up with dinner. we had steaks, baked potato and mac & cheese (yum). i could barely eat any of the mac & cheese i was so stuffed but it was def. a good meal. we saw a rainbow outside of our house that was just beautiful! i can't remember the last time i saw a rainbow...and it hasn't even rained yet ( atleast i never saw it while i was out today )

...tomorrow mikayla will be 13 weeks old. as far as everything goes for my recovery from having her...i have lost almost 33 lbs and im down to the last 7 lbs -- until i am back to pre pregnancy weight. i have been so tired lately and just not wanting to do anything but sleep. mikayla doesn't keep me up all night or anything i have just been tired for some reason... so a goal for myself is to start eating and drinking more healthy (water instead of pop -- water instead of starbucks.. etc) & taking more walks...then hopefully i'll have more energy!

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