Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UPDATES's been awhile since i've updated this so i figured i'd fill everyone in

---memorial day weekend we went home and saw family and friends...was a very long drive (especially back to florida) .. anything that could've got in the way coming home did.. while we were home we took mikayla to youngs jersey dairy and showed her the goats and moo cows. of course we got some icecream while we were there.. pretty much just relived childhood memories and shared them with her...we had to of course have skyline and hoagies while we were home or i'd never hear the end of it from corey..we came to the conclusion the only good thing about ohio is the "food" & "festivals".. from chipotle, hot head, marions, cassanos, UDF icecream & esther price just to name a few... it was good to be home even if we had to rush from place to place...

---we had a garage sale this past weekend even though it started raining we still did a decent job. we got rid of our last wooden futon, tv trays & random other stuff..we might be having another one at the last minute before we move to get rid of our tables since we have 3 dining tables and maybe bedroom furniture (still up in the air)...speaking of moving we are still not under assignment...corey called yesterday and found out the class ahead of him got theres 2 days hopefully within the next week we will know.. *cross your fingers for good news* (NC!!) --

---coreys EOD grad. is creeping up, Aug. will be here before you know it. soo much to do. still have to get his grad. present, order mikaylas dress and matching bow, start packing, go find a house and get everything else figured out. these next few months will be busy busy! which i don't mind so much. him grad. EOD school is a great accomplishment...the downfall is just VIPS & more deployments with him working with bombs that has me on edge...i truly don't know how families stay in this for life...constantly moving, never spending time with their spouse or kids..its def. a big deal, takes alot of trust & dedication but is very honorable for the ones who do.

**keep our servicemembers & their families in your thoughts and prayers, you will never know how hard it is for them unless you go through it yourself**

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