Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this past week/weekend

this past week has been crazy from getting stuff ready for the move to just everyday life stuff... mikaylas whole room is boxed up and is empty...now we just have all the other rooms to pack. not to mention get rid of stuff we don't want to take...maybe another garage sale is in order, who knows...anyways this past week hubs has been extra sweet.. he did a lot of sweet things from bringing me my favorite coffee drink home..to making me bed in breakfast and having mikayla in her highchair next to my bed with breakfast like she made it, to running to walmart for formula and ringing the door bell to have me come there and him say im here for my date and hand me flowers and chocolates =) hes been a sweetheart lately so lets hope that stays that way ;-)

mikayla started eating carrots monday and so far she really likes them compared to cereal. her faces are too cute when she eats..she tried to put her hands in her mouth and make bubble noises so food spits out ...such a baby lol.. i love her so much! shes growing up too fast for me..i swear everytime i blink shes grown a few inches and few months have flown by..you never realize how true statements are about babies until you have one..

so i found out coreys report date is 10-10-10 ...really weird date but anyways his EOD grad is 8/20 and we leave 8/21 for fort bragg, nc -- woo hoo, i think? im excited to move yet stressed and nervous at the same time...this job really freaks me out...and of course i put myself in the position to worry by looking stuff up online and listening to stories from him but at the same time it kind of helps me stay calm... gotta be strong, gotta be strong .. [ thats all i tell myself ] im an army wife of course i got this ;-)

july 4th weekend is coming up.. 4day also, woo hoo! we are going to bragg to scope out the area and look at houses ...and hopefully see chevelle and the fireworks there if its not too much on babygirl..not looking forward to the long drive but i hope the area is nice and everything goes smooth as planned...

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