Thursday, June 10, 2010

...thoughts & prayers

...yesterday was just one of those days

walmart discontinued the dreft stain remover spray i always use for mikaylas stuff, so i ordered 6 bottles online and it was supposed to be here yesterday.. so im waiting, waiting, waiting around .. then i check the tracking and it says its been damaged and wont be delivered (great) i call and get it re-shipped 1 day express - so hopefully it makes it here by tomorrow..

then yesterday hubs called me when he got off from work and said another guy died from fort campbell, a buddy of his to be I have never been through death really before & didn't know what to say, so all i could do is listen..he spoke of times when they would b/s together & when corey wanted to go warrant, he was supposed to go with him and hook him up with ref. he knew...etc.. someone that close to home.. its such a tragedy, yet this guy (younger than corey) also did a brave & honorable thing..his loss is very sad & makes you truly think about things, atleast it did me..its always one of those situations where you think "what if" and anyone who is or isn't in your shoes may say only think positive, but reality is you always cant given the circumstances...that weighed on my mind even more than usual yesterday...corey always speaks that his "brothers" already have their 2nd deployment under their belt and he doesnt..that, that could of been him over there as a scout.. & me being me always say the words im sure he hates to hear "well then why don't you get out" .. but then he says he "loves what he does" so me being selfish and demanding want that yet me being a "supportive army wife" is supposed to stand strong even when him going to school for EOD, i feel is way more risky than being a scout on some level, yet we don't see eye to eye on that of it's one big circle, i can say and do a lot of things to try and get him to change his mind but if hes not going to be happy with something, then how happy am i truly?

please keep all of our great (fallen, present & future) servicemembers in your thoughts & prayers..
you will never know how hard it is to be strong sometimes until you have to go through it...

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